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Replanted - Summerhouse amid Ancient Trees in Káptalanfüred

Received as a heritage from grandparents, the clients hiring architect Ferenc Répás for modernizing and remodelling the summer house wanted to create a shared place of recreation for the whole family. Their wish was to have two separate living areas for the two branch of the family all the while being able to share some quality time together.

One of the main merits of the construction is the unique, patchy use of materials, which is very characteristic of the area. The external walls got the off-white plaster, while the lower unit received bolted wooden panels. There is a boat storage next to the house, whose northern wall is built up with the same red stone that was used in the main building. Similarly, a wooden coat for the outbuilding was also installed.

Summerhouse in Káptalanfüred - architect: Ferenc Répás DLA - photo: Bálint Jaksa


The red stone - that originates from a city close by, called Balatonalmádi - hasn’t been used in a big quantity during the construction, but has an essential role in influencing the overall view. As a very solid centre of the house, it counterweights for the very light, wooden terrace and wainscoting. The glass windows and the wooden pier outside of the terrace open up space and show a door to nature.

Summerhouse in Káptalanfüred - architect: Ferenc Répás DLA - photo: Bálint Jaksa


The architecture of the interior and that of the yard are very well synchronized: the terrace serves as a transition; it belongs to the house as much as it belongs to the little forest. The harmony of the wooden surfaces, the huge windows and the ancient trees surrounding the house create a warm and cosy feeling. The roof is slightly shifted to the side, which dissembles and eases up the volume of the building, leaving it more structured and also more atmospheric. Instead of a solid and heavy construction, we can see a summer house integrated into the landscape.


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