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plans of buildings related to Churches and sacral purposes

Outdoor chapel at Anna-rét

An architecture competition was set for the design of an outdoor chapel in the hills of Buda by the local government of the 12th district of Budapest. The plan of Péter Márkus and Kristóf Koczka was awarded and purchased in the competition.

Clear speech

The location is Anna meadow known to many as the playground of Normafa. One of the most popular places to rest and relax in the busy city. 

The path of the stones

The idea is to create a small open-air celebrating spot that can be used as a resting place for departures and arrivals at the meeting point of the Mary pilgrimage routes running across the Anna Meadow. 

The substance of simplicity

Anna Meadow has been and remains to this day a popular spot for Budapest hikers.Thanks to the municipality’s rehabilitation and development activities, the number of hikers, nature-lovers, and athletes who visit this already popular area has continued to grow.