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Catafalque in Dabas

István Kovacs and Zoltán Ligetvári planned a catafalque in Dabas which represent the contemporary shape forming both in mass and in using materials. The interior launch leaving people to their last journey. The "spirit bird" made of the blue glass symbolizes the "far bank".

Identity - Reformed church in Svábhegy

It has almost been two decades now that Zoltán Szécsi DLA first encountered the idea of the new community centre for the one hundred years old congregation (at that time still under the tutelage of Budahegyvidék parish of the Hungarian Reformed Church) of Svábhegy in the XII. district of...

Funeral home at Vác

In a space of a lich-house. Similarly to that of a church, transcendental experience has an important role. This is where our journey ends on Earth and this is a symbolic gate where we enter to the unknown. This is where afterlife begins. Thus the architectural concept, reaching back to the...

Roman Catholic Church - Újrónafő

Újrónafő, with its 850 inhabitants, is one of the youngest towns in the county. For a long time, the composition of the population was determined by the Reformed Church community who were settled here in the early 1940s. Hence, there was no Catholic church in the village.

Missing... Reformed church in Helvécia

Surely there are architects who would consider five years of continuous design and construction work on a remote Hungarian village be only a nuisance. However, the professional calling of Sándor Czégány and plenty of his good co-workers refined the construction work to an uplifting activity.