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buildings related to Churches and sacral purposes

Sensibilization - monument in Olaszliszka

Zsolt Szécsi and Ágnes M. Juhász designed a pilgrim site in Olaszlisza to the ruins of the old synagogue. This memorial site is not only a bow of respect to the victims but an architectural-artistic project which elevates the relics of the former site into the material world. 

Pilgrim Center in Szentkút

By the foot of the Mátra-mountains, there is a pilgrim center in the poetic poetic Mátraverebély. The awakening shrine perfectly fits into the nature. During the planning, Tamás Nagy and his team's aim was to create a place that is profane and sacred, old and new at the same time.

Renovation of the Dome of Szeged

In the international discourse on contemporary architecture it seems to be evident that intervention into historic buildings is always a sensitive issue. There is no ultimate recipe, the questions need to be asked and answered in every particular case. 3H architercture [Katalin Csillag, Zsolt...

House of worship in Debrecen

Zoltán Győrffy and his team intended to design a building which is complementary to its rural-like surroundings, suitable for its future use and appropriately articulates its divine nature for time to come.