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Boldness and Tradition

Started as a chapel, ended as a synagoge. However, it functioned already as a bus station and also a medieval restaurant. Now, due to Sugár Péter DLA and Varga Piroska, it is a fantastic rehabilitated cultural centre: The House of Jewish Excellence.

Steeple, Székelyudvarhely

The steeple in Székelyudvarhely, designed by Zsolt Várday is a composition of two sculptural monoliths forming the gate towards the sacred ground of the churchyard. It follows the local building traditions: placed on top of the hill and raised upon the minimum standards. 

Forest Chapel: Saint Imre Hill, Pannonhalma, Hungary

Deep in the forest of the town of Pannonhalma, home of a more than 1,000 years old Benedictine Monastery, lies Saint Imre Hill. In the course of one week, in August 2018, three dozen university students built a non-denominational chapel on a clearing close to the peak. The project was initiated...