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buildings related to Churches and sacral purposes

Steeple, Székelyudvarhely

The steeple in Székelyudvarhely, designed by Zsolt Várday is a composition of two sculptural monoliths forming the gate towards the sacred ground of the churchyard. It follows the local building traditions: placed on top of the hill and raised upon the minimum standards. 

Forest Chapel: Saint Imre Hill, Pannonhalma, Hungary

Deep in the forest of the town of Pannonhalma, home of a more than 1,000 years old Benedictine Monastery, lies Saint Imre Hill. In the course of one week, in August 2018, three dozen university students built a non-denominational chapel on a clearing close to the peak. The project was initiated...

Homage to Socialist Modernism - Monument to an Era

Tamás Berecz and Attila Batár approached István Szabó's representative work of socialist modernism as an 'urban found object': slowly stripping away the unnecessary additions and extensions that were distorting the original design. Andor Wesselényi-Garay's exposition suggests the former...

Perspectives of Faith

As a pilgrimage site for the Greek Orthodox community, Máriapócs is a place where people go for encountering the divine. The buildings by Ferenc Salamin and Pál Salamin provide for this sacred experience, without eliminating or shutting out the everyday life of the surrounding square.