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Relicts from the Ice Age – Towards an 'open source architecture'

Natural Tourism Research House, which was designed by Gábor U. Nagy and his colleagues to Szőce, unfortunately cannot be realized. In order to prevent a carefully prepared, valuable work get wasted, the architects shared the plan with us, and now we will present it. 

With the 127 acres of meadows on the edges of Szőce village, in the valley of Szőce-creek, this estate is one of the most important, strictly protected areas of Őrség National Park. The Natural Tourism Research House was designed on behalf of Őrség National Park Directorate, its architectural character and uniqueness manifested in the need of the preservation and presentation of the strictly protected, sensitive natural environment and in the emphasis laid on this specialty by means of the architectural-technical solutions of the new building.

Their goal was not 'only' to create the finished house economically and - inseparable - ecological, environmentally friendly, but also to use same methods of construction and equipments. So for example either concrete foundation, or a construction requiring big machines or long time was out of the question. The architects designed a timber house which can be built almost 'by hands', where the house nearly merges with its outer-inner environment, where the structure is not only the shaping of architecture but the finished, practical furniture of the interiors and exteriors.

The designed building structure and construction technology assumes actually a complete, full prefabrication, but a fast installation on site. The structure is a kind of frame-panel system, developed by the architect office in the last years, it is a modern engineering wooden frame with a new construction concept. Its main feature is that the individual components are not load-bearing themselves, they only become supporting when they are mantled together. Except the gravel-bed foundation and the zinc-galvanized sheet metal skin, only the claddings and piping were installed traditionally on site.

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