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Refurbished entrance of Spar in Tapolca

The Client SPAR wanted to refurbish the existing store, and chose the office LAB5 architects to be the general designer. Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Virág Anna Gáspár plans not only renewed it from within, but also an impressive, unique canopy is received, which will accentuate the exciting light and shadow play of the business entrance.

Location and Program

Tapolca is located near to Lake Balaton, and the small town is also frequently referred as the North gate of the Hungarian See. Situated in the Tapolca-basin, it’s landscape is surrounded by beautiful mountains of special shape.

The existing SPAR supermarket is standing just at the limit between two parts of the city: the down town is densely built in with little houses, while the suburb is more than a modernist housing estate, consisting of Y layout, huge white buildings, called the „Y-Houses”, forming a sort of characteristic land-art.

Refurbished entrance of Spar - architect: LAB5 architects - photo: Zsolt Batár



In order to renovate the building, the full interior was vanished, all finishing, ceilings, technological spaces etc. was thorn down.

The retail space has been a bit enlarged and gained a totally new furnishing, just as new background-zones as well. All mechanical and electrical installation were changed, according to the latest environmental friendly possibilities and expectations.

The interior of the store follows the new general look-out descriptive of the company, to be built at all stores around the country recently.

canopy sketches - LAB5


Client demanded that the building gets a new, characteristic face from the outside. LAB5 architects designed a new cantilever roof system over the main entrance that is providing a transition space between the outer public space, and the interior. It’s a system of steel lamellas, bravely sticks out from the facade, follows the image of the general SPAR stores, and invites the costumers inside.

The bottom of the lamellas is cut by imaginary splendid planes, so that the gesture of invitation is enhanced. These cut-lines shape a „Y” letter on the floor plan, as reference to the neighbouring buildings.

Recessed strip-lights on the ceiling are boosting the direction of the entrance in the night. The building sits in the city-landscape naturally, inspired by its surroundings.



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