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Redesigning the industrial history of Csepel

The project of Péter Sebestyén (Másfél Architecture Studio) and János Gyergyák (AU.ROOM Architecture Atelier) brings back and modernizes the industrial history of Csepel. The metal tubes are coming back, but as furniture or design items, and we cannot forget the new character, the Giraffe which has a significant impact on the surroundings. 

Our proposal answers the most important problems of the existing space usage. The one-side approach, the old space arrangement, the different appearances of the shops and the unused roof were in the focus of our concept. The new design provides a new appearance for the shops, works as an island in the covered public square system.

The public elements and furnitures made by pipes, reflecting the appearance of the old Csepel Művek factory complex and the structure of the Csepel bikes. The first level functions as the shopping area and place for meetings, meanwhile the second level, the terrace with green roof works as a relaxing area.

The new complex got a new symbol element, a giraffe sculpture, which provide an important vertical sign to the horizontal units.

Péter Sebestyén, János Gyergyák

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