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Redesigning the Bear Park of Veresegyház

Decsi Dániel Richárd redesigns the Bear Park of Veresegyház in his thesis. His goal is to create an animal park where people can relax and animals have better living conditions. With the developments the Bear Park receives a dignified architectural environment which are able to increase the tourism of Veresegyház.

My final project is the renewal of the Bear Park of a little Hungarian town, Veresegyház. Thanks to its individual function, the Bear Park became one of the most popular zoos of our country, but the opportunities and the attractions of the place have not really changed since its foundation. This way, the aim of my project was to create an animal park where visitors can spend quality time, and animals can live in a good, natural environment.

The new Bear Park presents a new visitor journey and functions. All the new buildings and their functions (entrance building, event building, restaurant, technical building) are based on the city's own development concept, and also on the informations that I gained during the consultations with the heads of the Bear Park management and the main architect of the city.

The new visitor journey's most important element is the skybridge, from where visitors can have a great panoramic view on the area. Visitors are led to take this sky walk, then they can choose between the main visitor line or thematic lines. Because of the Hungarian animal keeping rules, two new lakes were built next to the two existing ones.

New buildings, placed on the visitor line, have the same concept: an inner core that is surrounded by a light grid shell. The shell lightens the heavier inner parts, while it shades the buildings' inner and outer areas. All the buildings have a steel frame, and wooden panellings.

Thanks to these changes, the Bear Park becomes a quality place with exciting contents, rising the cities' touristic appeal.

Decsi Dániel Richárd 

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