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Rakpart22 - Condominium and Office Building

The Rakpart22 is the first work of the newly formed Olla Architect Studio. It is their intention to put freshness in the property market in Győr, highlighting the mushroom-style growing condominium. The design details, the materials and the fresh colors are all intended to serve this purpose.


The framed building complex is located on the border of the historical downtown of Győr - near to the Széchenyi Bridge, about 100 meters from the Mosoni-Danube. The complex can be devided into four distinct parts – the shop/office arcade in the ground floor, the business tower at the northwestern corner, and the residental units handled as two blocks.


The Széchenyi Bridge (part of the 14th main road) had a significant noise effect, so the design was based on the idea of creating an inner world despite its position in the city. The building turns its back on the bridge, which provides shelter for the people returning home. The western part of the building includes studio apartments. With the outer corridor of this wing, the rooms can be turned into a calm inner courtyard, protecting the residents from the outer noise. In addition to the thoughtfully designed flats, this garden also plays a major role in the creation of an urban but still viable environment.


To add more intimacy, the apartments have loggias instead of hanging balconies. The appearance of the building was predominantly determined by the alternation of wall cabs and salient elevation surfaces, forming a chessboard-like facade.


András Ruppert

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