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'The starting point is the viewpoint – the question is that of the viewpoint’ - Attila Mate designed a very unusual space reflecting on today's deep moral, cultural, communal and individual crisis.

The basement as architectural concept
The project is one sort of answer. It is a visual architectural reflection to the economic crisis state. It is possible to pass by the changes or to stop for a while for contemplation and to deepen consciously.

The term
The pseudocrisis is a medical term originally. It is a compound in my approach: pseudo + crisis. It means a faked crisis, or mainly the feeling of that. It is the crisis of the individual not exactly closed to time, space our external conditions.

The symbolism of built space
The site is an exact built space of real physical parameters. A deep pit is symbolising of the human subconscious, the deepness, the deeper inner connexions in us. It is a kind of inner space, the inner space of the individual. It is the scene of the acceptation and concurrence. It is a coming across ourselves, our inner ego. It is a place to withdraw to contemplate and cogitate back out of happenings of the world. The conscious and subconscious are connected by a long corridor-like staircase. The stairs are symbolising the grades of being wrapped. Reaching the bottom of the pit the deepness of the subconscious is realised. From this point is possible to get a glance at the outer world, i. e. at the conscious state – or from the brink – at the pit incarnating the crisis. The relation is working in both directions. The physical contact is yielded by the staircase. The material and colour of the built space are varying, reflecting to the changes of the outer world. The shape and size are constant referring to the spirit and inner stability.

The purpose of the project
The Pseudocrisis awakes a kind of contemplation. Its stations give food for meditation and offer hope, presage that the bottom is only the preceding stage of a positive rise. The individual, the one’s own, the entity is standing in the centre of the crisis state. We can observe the phenomenon from its point of view. We are able to imagine how is stepping down on these stairs and leaving the pit after a cathartic reborn. This can be a way of meditation, as well.

The entity as the inner ego
Te protagonist – the entity – appears faceless. Its feelings are projected, its inner tone is audible. These are much more important than the physical sight and sound. It projects the appearance of the tipping human being pointing to the reality of a higher intelligentsia and a deeper consciousness. The entity reacts to its surroundings by changing the colour of skin.

Soul-painting as illustration
The completed elements of the project are paintings. It is all a kind of soul-painting showing the alterations of the mood of soul, and one of the inner ego. It is a consciousness congruity of the subconscious. It can be seen as an architectural project as well. The relevant space can also be built anyway. But the message is more important for me. – To live to see it can serve a catharsis too. The faked character comes from that.

Attila Mate


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