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Private house in Szemlőhegy

The house in Buda is an example of a unity made of the existing and the new building. Thisvbuilding is an example of a possible architectural attitude in the context of the old and new.


Since 1823 the existing - initially three-flat house – had been extended and refurbished several times. The condition of the two-storey building covered with mansard-like roof was poor andvdid not meet the requirements of the new owner, neither technically nor functionally.

By demolishing the major part of the building and adding an extension, a new one-flat housevemerged. In our concept the ornamented and romantic main facade was kept. The new building was planned in contemporary approach, but it also aims to adjust to the original building considering the proportions of the preserved elements. Old and new complement each other, the old remains visible. It becomes a part of the unity.

Private house in Szemlőhegy, Budapest, Designed by SAGRA architects, 2018.


The ground floor is almost seven meters above the level of the street, the site is connected tovthe street with a steep slope. The building has four storeys: two basement floors, ground floorvand the attic. The environmentally conscious new building’s form and mass is compact. It is an essential architectural decision to create a low-energy building. The longitudinal axis of the house is parallel to the street. This setting creates the best relationship to the environment and the possibility to have a large back garden space too.
From the street the entrance is directly reachable through the stairs on the terrain.

Private house in Szemlőhegy, Budapest, Designed by SAGRA architects, 2018.


Through the ground floor entrance, we access the spacious living room, dining area and kitchen. These spaces are directly linked to the garden. The shading of the garden facade is provided by the cantilevered roof. The master bedroom is located separately at the Southwest corner of the ground floor. The attic space is the children area, here are situated the children’s’ rooms, living area and the bathrooms. All levels of the house can be reached from the garage by an elevator and an internal staircase.

Private house in Szemlőhegy, Budapest, Designed by SAGRA architects, 2018.

The roof is covered by slate. The new and the existing facade walls are plastered. The finishes of their surfaces are similar on purpose to emphasize the unity of the volume.


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