Study Plan of the Esztergom-Kovacsi Cathedral Design

Péter Rainer discovered that an almost thousand-year-old church had been threatened with destruction. As the location of the church is in a sacred place, and as it has historic importance, he proposed a plan for saving it.

Brief introduction

The ruins of the trinaval cathedral with two Western towers in Kovacsi were found in 1984 during the building of the embankment by the Esztergom train station. According to the graves and artefacts found, the cathedral was dated to the beginning of 11th century. This is the era of St Stephen, which is of national and European importance, therefore, it is a rare treasure, an outstanding relic, witness and evidence of the Hungarian Christian state, which could become a National Memorial!

In 2016, during the electrification of the train line, this ruin near the embankment was going to be eradicated. Finally, it was possible to achieve that the trail goes around the cathedral ruins, although not around the cemetery and the graves. The battle has not been concluded.


Uncommissioned, I have prepared a study plan and model in order to prepare for preservation, restoration and architectural design of the cathedral. 

We would like to achieve that the Kovacsi Cathedral’s visible part of the embankment become a worthy entry gate to the International Eucharistic Congress in 2020, and also that in 5 years, the whole cathedral’s ruins could be uncovered, introduced to the public, and with this, Esztergom can become the sacred capital of Hungary again.