Simple result: passive house

What makes a house outstanding today? It is necessary to have the appropriate combination of aesthetic exterior, an interior tailored to your needs and be comfortable to use and high quality of applied technical solutions. Passive house designed by Attila Hegedűs. 

As the surrounding concerned, it has both urban and provincial characteristics. Besides the disadvantages, coming from the small, narrow site and the limitations of built in area there are certainly some great features as well. First of all, the building is facing south so as to permit solar access to living spaces as recommended by energy conscious design. Complemented with other technical requirements it has resulted in achieving a certified passive house qualification.

A basic problem that very often occurs is how to meet the variable needs coming from the changing life-cycles of the family members. In this case, it was critical to create the necessary private space and function for the two matured teenagers combined with longer term thinking. Matching the high expectations of the owners to the limited space available, well-thought and smart planning was required.

The external look and internal design of the building is solid and modern. The objective was not to follow a fashion or architectural style but to construct a building that creates value by applying high standards in functionality, technicality and design for the future.