Metal sculpture workshops in Pécs

The building complex is situated in Pécs, at the former street of the Master Craftsmen, in part of its reviatlization. Sághegyi Adél Laura designed a metal sculpture workshop. Here, the young and recruit artists have the opportunity to gain and exchange experience, learn from masters, and highlight this activity even more.

I separated the necessary spaces for metal sculpturing (includes workspaces, storages, a space for resting, etc.) into three buildings. In the shape of the street-buildings, the ridge and the gutter slope to same part of the neighbor’s buildings, with a simple gesture. In the gap of the two buildings, the third building can be visible. The northern building is a workshop, where installation-space, -gallery and a bathroom can be found. The southern building includes spaces for administration and resting. The third building is also a workshop with an 11m heigh installation-tower, a lower installation-space and a storeroom. The buildings can be functioning together and individually as well.

Because of the complicated geometry and the wide span, the load bearing structure is exposed reinforced concrete, it was justified by its simplicity, uniform appearance, and it was not allowed to use combustible materials in the interior.

The cladding of the building is made of perforated COR-TEN steel flat sheets, which fits, with its colour and texture, to the function of the building and to the atmosphere of the street. I chose one another material for the facade, to break the monotony of the steel, it was the anthracite grey brickwall at the street-facade and in the yard, too.

In the street-buildings, I placed the social functions, utility rooms and mechanical rooms into a central core, it dominates the space and keeps the industrial atmosphere of the buildings.

The openings have very important and unique functions, besides their orientation. There is only one opening at the street, it draws attention to the work. In the resting area, the steel cladding can be closed in front of the windows, when it is needed. The openings of the yard-building communicate with the street and the other workshop. At the eastern elevation, the long window provides the safety view to the work for the visitors. The huge structural glass roof at the top of the tower gives the focus of the workspace inside of it.

The strength of the plan is the gate, which closes or opens the passage for the visitors. This element is a 3m heigh brick wall. It has a second function besides its main role: when it is open, it functions like a facade element on the wall of the resting-building, and some of the bricks are rotatable, because of the changing illumination needs.

It was an important issue, that the building has to attract the visitors and it must keep them inside for longer time. This provided by the conspicuous and divisive COR-TEN steel cladding, the dark brick wall, the gap betweet the buildings on the street facade, the huge glass surfaces, and the yard, where seats, walksways and a sculpture garden take place.

Avoiding the risk of accidents, the visitors can observe the work only through the glass surfaces, but the environment, around the buildings, is friendly, sympathic and comfortable, so it could make them stay longer like this.

Sághegyi Adél Laura