Characteristic multimedia tower

The city hall’s main entrance marked with a characteristic tower, a multifunctional courtyard, holographic projector, music boxes, and a colorful flower market – these elements are typical of the plan of Péter Kovács DLA and his team [Archiko] prepared for the competition announced for the planning of the Dósa nádor tér in Debrecen. Their concept won 2nd prize.

The fundamental statement expressed by the building’s appearance is that the main entrance is located from Dósa nádor tér, however, it is hard to answer where the city hall should be accessed from. In the plan, the uncertain markedlessness is replaced by a characteristic main entrance designated with a tower. The concept was: to create two new wings at the junction of which the multifunctional patio is covered with a glass roof. On the southern and eastern side of the ground floor there are shops and catering units.

And what happens in the tower? It hosts a digital data storage of local history and a multi-media exhibition space. The city model exhibited on the ground floor can be seen from different angles and heights when ascending or descending the spiral staircase. At the same place, there is a hologram projector in the middle of the high place, where multimedia show is projected as part of the tourism program. 

Flower market: Csapó utca, which is designed with decorated wall-to-wall cladding, makes an integral part of the downtown promenade. The light transmitting, colored canopies above the tables are cantilevered above the street too. In winter, the canvases can be removed, and mobile wall and roof elements can be installed around the tables for the Christmas market.

Classical Music Concert Hall: The building design is based on the differentiation between the building blocks connected to the urban environment and function and the “music box” that is hidden among them. The term “box” can be used also because it is based on the „shoebox concert hall” design principle recently popular in the concert halls typology. The building’s philosophy is about urban pedestrian spaces flowing into the house.