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Possible solutions for the rehabilitation of a mill

Architects Fruzsina Barta, Tamás Butora, Ádám Salacz, Balázs Vadász, János Golda and Margit Pelényi came up with the idea of small railway carriages that have the same functions as any other building, furthermore, they can be hidden in the mountains whenever they are not needed. 


This is a movie of group number 1 of XXIV. period of the ÉME Mesteriskola XXIV. The purpose of the competition was to design a public house to expand the program of the “Kolostorok és Kertek” (Convents and Gardens) along the Séd stream in Veszprém. We did not feel justified to set up a new building at this area. But functions that are really necessary could be placed into a small railway carriage. There was a dinkey line here before and the tunnel of the dinkey line still exists. We use the tunnel as a garage. If we do not need the railway carriage, we send it back into the tunnel. But, if we were to use some of them, we bring out the needed items suitable for the event.


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