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Port in Fadd-Dombori

The location of my design is at the riverside of the Danube in Fadd-Dombori, which is in the centre of Fadd municipal. Fadd is located in Southern Hungary, in the county of Tolna, not far from Pécs and Szekszárd. This place mainly consists of holiday homes, however, the number of its inhabitants has increased in the past few years thanks to the recent developments in the area. 



I designed a boat-house at the river bank as there are quite many aquatic competitions being held at the backwater of the Danube. These happenings attract a number of visitors every year. The boat-house would be used to coordinate the competitions and to store the boats. Furthermore, it could be a place where the competitors gather and relax in between the races and the visitors can get information.


The ground floor would give place for offices, an information desk, a restaurant and toilets. On the first floor there would be a relaxing area, storage rooms, meeting rooms and lockers. The storage for the boats can be found in the other part of the building. On the second floor of this side a gym would be established with saunas and toilets.


There is a beautiful scenery of the river that can be seen from the building. My goal was to make the structure and the form of the building incorporated with the surroundings. The main material I chose was wood: the load-bearing structure is wood with steel reinforcement and I used wood on the facade as well.

The roof is composed of sheet-metal. When designing the form of the house, I took a significant pattern of the recreation area into consideration, so I created a pitched roof that reaches the ground. This kind of structure is very popular in the area. A high end hotel that has opened recently has a small apartment which follows this principle too. On top of all that, different elevations of the roof also symbolizes waves of the river Danube.


Szabó Daniella



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