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Pólus Károly [5]

Palatinus lido reconstruction

The entrance and main building of the Palatinus lido has become an emblematic building of the Hungarian modern architecture. The original design was characterized by a clear, rational system. Archikon studio's task was to restore the original volumes and the architectural looks, furthermore to...

The Fairy Tale Kindergarten

Since the autumn of 2016 operates the very first “Darmstadt Passivhaus Institut” recognized kindergarten of Hungary. It means not just tremendously reduced heating and cooling costs, but thanks to the creative architectural programme by Archikon studio the building sets an iconic milestone...

Passive house with 100 flats

The first certified Hungarian passive house with 100 flats has been completed in District XIII on the corner of Zsinór and Jász street. The local government is going to operate the residential building as an apartment block, which is a pioneer at this scale not only in the Hungarian but also...

Sustainability and Csoma Kőrösi

Building in one of the most inaccessible regions of the world, in a Tibetan cultural area of North India is only possible during the few summer months. Construction had to take place at a height of 4000 metres, with volunteers and local people, without electricity and from donations.