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Point of view – Spectacle frame manufactory

Ákos Karancz, in his diploma-work, designed a manufactory producing unique frames for glasses implanted in the heart of the old town of Esztergom. He developed the plans for a complex, multifunctional building where the manufacturing process gives not only a function for the construction but a point of reference when it comes to the design.

The fabrication of frames in Esztergom has a long history, the new manufactory would adhere to this tradition by creating a unique small business. Novel techniques, modern shapes and inventive use of materials would characterize the initiative. I opted to design the building as a contiguous, but apportioned body where one can follow up on the full process of fabrication all the way to the store. The structure thus has four distinct parts but the result - for utilitarian and aesthetic reasons - is an unseparated mass.

Visualization - architect: Ákos Karancz


The design of the house was greatly influenced by the basic features of the venue. I choose to use a fractioned roof structure to cover the components, which, from the outside, looks exactly like a traditional façade; only when coming inside to the yard, could one see the wavy shape. The court itself received a green area with plantations.

The use of materials is moderate: the walls are covered with white plaster while the roof is made out of sheet metal. For the exterior, I used claret coloured stone pavement to compensate for the monochrome tone of the building and to optically widen up the narrow space with the contrast of dark and light.


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