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Plan of Mérték Stúdió for the intermodal node of Őrmező

Mérték Stúdió designed a friendly, green and functional multimodal node for Őrmező, a suburb area of Budapest with over 7500 locals. 

The concept of the team led by Gergely Paulinyi and András Reith was awarded with a shared first prize in the design competition for the intermodal node of Őrmező, in which design the architects handled the Őrmező and the Kelenföld side organically together.

The area has the best facilities amongthe intermodal transportation nodes of Budapest. In addition to its unique supply of transport and infrastructure, the main potential of the district lays in the size of almost 700.000 m2 development area. In their study, the architects handled the two separated parts – Őrmező and Kelenföld side – organically together, however, they noted that the tracks of Kelenföld station separated the area, therefore, it was considered inevitable to build a closed facade in direction of the railway. To prevent this effect, as an option in a long-term development they recommended to lead a bridge above the rails which can connect – beside the subways – the two city parts in a qualitative way.

At the same time, the bridge may ensure that the planned public spaces, parks form effectively a green belt. In the design of the bus terminal, special attention was paid to place each arriving and departing bus stops as close to the waiting hall and so the passengers as possible. R + B storage spaces are placed at the urban level and optionally in the building of the P + R garage, in a separate, indoor space.


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