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„Pitypang” Kindergarten by the SAGRA Architects

The main concept was to create a building of high architectural quailty that is based on the traditionalist pedagogical concept of the existing „Pitypang” Kindergarten. The concept is rooted in traditional architecture but using contemporary language.

The kindergarten is fully funcional, by using very simple architectural tools. Abstraction and traditional forms create an environment that is inspiring and loveable for the children. The Kindergarten opens up to the south green playground. the classrooms overlook to the playground too. 

visualization - "Pitypang" Kindergarten - architect: SAGRA

The siting had a major rule in the functional design of the building. We opened up all the classrooms to the south and provided natural shading for the rooms with a large cantilevering roof. The roof protects from the direct sunlight in summer but lets the winter sunbeams with small angle in.

The kindergarten is a two-storey building, three classrooms are situated on the ground floor three other are above them on the first floor. An airy, covered terrasse belongs to each classrooms, all looks over to the green playground.
The playground can be reached easily from the ground floor and from the first floor too.

street facade - "Pitypang" Kindergarten - architect: SAGRA

The covered terraces opening from the classrooms are perfect for education purposes or as the weather allows children can sleep there too. The covered gardens are designed to be used as the extentions of the classrooms.
The functional organisation of the kindergarten is clear and logical.

The SAGRA Architects


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