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Pécs [36]

Camp nearby the amusement park

Márta Schmidt in her masterproject worked on the location of the Amusement Park of Pécs. Her concept was to design accomodations in the Mecsek and in the neighborhood which are found in the nature though they are located quite closedby to the city.

Breuer Marcell Museum and Studio House

The architecture of Breuer represents brutality and also the innovative solutions within the modernity. The monolithic, simple block in Patrik Torma's diploma is the manifesto of the location. The concrete surfaces of the building with a perfect square footprint are able to both fit into the...

Experiment, Mediterranean and classical modern

Standing against the declarative, avantgard behaviour of the classical modern the family house in Pécs designed by Gergely Sztranyák is an experiment for a reform architecture that is more uncertain and pathfinding opposite to the early confident programs. It approaches the architectural...

Traditional Archery Center – Pécs

Traditional archery is gaining more and more popularity in our country and in Europe as well. The Archery Center designed by Zoltán Zrena is an enclosed, statuesque mass with its fine surface plasticity, which almost levitates over the urban squares and gardens. Like a fully drawn bow ready to...