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OZ Mall

Oz Shopping & Entertainment Centre Krasnodar Russia designed by Dyer, completed in 2013 delivers 220K sq meter of retail and leisure space and is occupied a mix of by local, national and international retail and leisure brands.

The Krasnodar OZ Mall is the flagship project of a multi-million pound programme of combined retail and leisure centres across Russia. It is based on a highly flexible prototype designed specifically for a major international developer.

The OZ Mall prototype reflects the dynamism of the family-orientated ‘OZ’ brand. It takes an integrated approach to the building, branding, signage and lighting strategies to create a memorable sequence of spaces. It provides the design framework for coherent, high quality facilities that are simple to get around, fun to visit, easily recognised yet very unique. It is highly adaptable to changing retail trends.

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

Krasnodar rolls-out the OZ Mall design concept of an iconic ‘wing’ elevation floating over an arrow-shaped base. The feature-lit aluminium cladding provides a highly durable skin for the building suited to the Russian climate.
In plan, two wings of retail are laid out either side of a central leisure axis and dramatic sunlit atrium. The co-ordinated approach to layout and circulation ensures optimum customer throughput and exposure. There are seven anchor stores, one hypermarket, 21 MSUs and a further 201 retail units of varying size. Leisure concessions include a multi-plex cinema, 24 food outlets, kids play centre and games zone

AIM Property Development, the client, aim was to deliver a center that responded to needs of the family from when they enter the car park to when they leave - a total day experience of shopping and fun. To achieve this excellent food offer was required together with a good mixture of leisure activities to suit all ages. Every square meter of free space it utilized to create a variety of leisure and retail experiences, space has been designed to be flexible as possible so that it can be adapted to deliver a variety of activities and functions.

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

An Oz special event - the public realm at the front of the shopping centre has been designed to provide a venue for Oz special events – for example a lottery to give five brand new 'A' Class Mercedes cars away as prizes to Oz customers who purchased tickets in the previous month.

Oz One Ice Skating Rink - A 1,000 sq m ice skating rink has been located centrally on the ground level of the shopping mall and acts as a ‘HUB’ creating catalyst for other entertainment activities as well as dynamic visual and sound interest for shoppers as well as those using the food court.

The relationship of the ice pad to the shopping mall was given careful consideration by Dyer during the design phase of the project. The ice pad has been set 1200 mm below the finished level of the shopping mall floor. A structural glazed balustrade provides the edge protection around the ice void. This detail allows the maximum visibility of the full ice area with the least amount of disruption on the retailers.

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

The ice skate hire and changing facility and garage for the Zamboni scraping machine are also located at the lower level. The ice rink is predominantly used for leisure skating and also supports a skate school. There are also ice discos – orchestrated from a dedicated DJ booth, Christmas markets, fashion shows etc.

Oz One DJ Booth - Ice rink DJ booth cantilevered at high level above the ice rink together with the ceiling projection system that is used throughout the mall to continually refresh the internal shopping and leisure environments.

Oz One Ice Coffee Bar - Located on the roof of the roof of the ice skate hire facility the raised coffee bar offers a full view of the ice pad for spectators and waiting parents.

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

Oz Food Court - Dyer, in association with Turkish designers Toner Mimarlik, designed the Oz Food Court in three distinct areas the Terrace, the Club and the Maze to attract the diverse range of customers visiting the shopping centre.

Oz Food Court – The Terrace - designed for the shopper on the go – who requires a fast coffee or tea between shops

Oz Food Court – The Club - focuses more on the younger generation who generally meet in larger groups

Oz Food Court – The Maze - provides a comfortable spacious environment for families requiring more space for prams, buggies etc who require to stay longer

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

Oz One Leisure Zone - Level Three of the Shopping & Entertainment Centre delivers the main leisure activities for the Shopping Centre. The Shopping Centre owners, Aim Property Development, were anxious that the design of these areas was complementary with the modern idiom compatible of the main shopping malls. Dyer was retained to work closely with the leisure operators and deliver the design of each of the leisure areas the finishes, colours, texture and furniture selection delivers an opulent and contemporary interior. 

The leisure areas include:
Formula Kino Multiplex cinema
Children's Entertainment
Oz One Bowling
Oz One Billards
Fad Bar В Oz One
Oz One Karaoke Bar
Oz One Bar

Cinema – ten screen multiplex cinema with bar, restaurant and dedicated executive area.

Children's Entertainment - Dyer have designed, based on the Austrian Minopolis model, a wide range of different activities presenting a mix of daily life in an urban environment that include supermarkets and retail stores, restaurants,, driving school, TV station and newspaper, fire brigade, hospital and police specifically for children. The children can try out the different roles obtaining early experience of the variety that daily has to offer.

To make the education for children as realistic as possible, it will have its own currency that by executing work, in the various businesses, the children can earn and spend. To assist the children, a team are active to educate the children in the individual jobs.

OZ Mall Krasnodar - architect: Dyer - photo: Dyer

Oz One Bowling – 36 bowling lanes with restaurant, bar - includes a VIP area for executive entertaining and private parking.

Oz One Billiards – located adjacent to the karaoke bar and the Fad Bar B the billiards bar is equipped with state of the art tables and equipment

Fad Bar В Oz One – cocktail bar, restaurant, sports television and disco.

Oz One Karaoke Bar - Dyer designed a unique karaoke bar including a dedicate VIP suite for corporate entertainment and private parties.

Oz Gourmet Restaurants - four gourmet restaurants have been positioned adjacent to the leisure zone offering different styles of cuisine:
Steak house

Oz Bar – located high above the ice rink this futuristic shaped object delivers 750 sq m of unique multi-use retail and leisure space that is used for a multitude of customer focused opportunities such as gallery space, dance events, multi-media activities etc. A large window to the mall ensures customers have good visibility of the activities from the shopping mall.


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