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Origami in white

‘Kitchen of Mimama’ is located in an industrial neighborhood, surrounded by railways. The restaurant, which offers traditional Hungarian food, is enveloped in a definitely non-traditional coverage by the young architect, Zoltán Reznicsek Jr.

The designer and the owner of the restaurant had been collaborating on smaller objects and installations earlier. Started with a concept of a symbolic totem, this project slowly grow to be the architect’s first design to be built.

The restaurant of Anna Hotel is a conversion of a former workshop and storage building. Neither the existing house, nor its surroundigs show significant architectural values or character. The ‘exiting nothingness’ of it allowed the designer to do whatever he could imagine. After the process, the small workshop building is covered by a white folded structure. With its metal sheet cladding and clean edges it is connected to the industrial site. The shape is both playful and sharp, and it required unique details.

Kitchen of Mimama - architect: Zoltán Reznicsek

Kitchen of Mimama - architect: Zoltán Reznicsek

The project connects generations – just like a well-done family dinner. ‘Anna’ is the beloved grandchild of the owner, while ‘Mimama’ is his great-grandmother. Past and future meets among the softly curved silhouette of the garden. Similarly, the designer, Zoltán Reznicsek Jr. follows in his whitesmith father’s steps growing up to be his partner in the family company. This way, they participated in the project both as designer and constructor.

The house is surrounded by water. The surface mirrors the view, making it appear as a sculpture or object, not a building. A dense bamboo plantation hides the neighboring car showroom. The garden is full of the color and scents of freshly grown herbs. The multi-sensorial experience reconnects people to nature – in spite of the urban location and industrial neighborhood.

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