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Organic farm centre and apiary

György Kubinyi’s plan is for a low-budget, environmental farm house made of shipping containers set in Bodmér, more specifically in the surroundings of Bodmér called Kazán hill. The aim was to create a residential and office unit to be used periodically and also an indoor-outdoor work space for apiary-related tasks such as spinning, honey portioning, bee-hive repair and frame creation. Also there is a place for a tractor.

The plan is based on 20-feet standard and high containers which are available in large quantities even in the Hungarian market. The plan uses second-hand containers which get refurbished before installation. Because of the lightweight construction it is suffice to have a pile foundation which supports round reinforced-concrete pillars. The reinforced-concrete pillars mounted in fibre-cement tubes support the containers and the visible fibre-cement is paintable and weather resistant. The containers are fixed on to the welded steel slippers mounted on top of the pillars. This solution of putting the containers on pillars minimizes the use of concrete and the impact on the topsoil. At the same time the pillars create a space between the steel structure of the containers and ground moisture, rain, and snow in winter.


The insulation is in the inner surface of the containers. This way not only the bottom but also the top structure, the joints to the roof, can be created without difficulty. The side, top and bottom plates of the containers will be removed at joining points and the sidewalls will be covered by wooden planks creating gaps for ventilation. The building will be used by one or two people during certain periods, according to the activity.

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