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Őrbottyán, Institution Center design, ideas competition

In his 2nd prize winning plan, Bence Várnai placed the buildings of the Institution Center to the slopes of Őrbottyán in a row, forming a contiguous façade. The plan, submitted to the ideas competition announced by the town, attracts the visitors with its landscaped, rambling green area completed with a fountain. An active and a relaxation place can also be found on the central square

In addition to its gentle slopes, Őrbottyán preserves the image of the landscape, captivating in its simplicity, being cozy and traditional. When designing the Institution Center, the architect paid attention both to functionality and to fitting in the natural region, so he planned modern, high-quality buildings that are arranged in a unified row, being livable and having a human scale.

The buildings are placed in a way adjusted to the atmosphere and gentle slopes of the Gödöllő Hills. The houses show naturalness in their materials too: white plaster, wooden doors and windows, brick-red plain tile roofing and ceramic blocks. The plan creates a number of expansion options. In the design of the Institution Center a special consideration was to place units that could be constructed in several phases, however, they form a coherent whole.



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