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Ópusztaszer Heritage Park

The National Heritage Park in Ópusztaszer has been enriched with three sincere buildings of various characters reflecting the logic of their individual functions. István Murka, the architect in charge of the project ambitioned to re-configurate the former random spatial structure whilst integrating the necessary new functions. 

The structure housing the ticket office, the visitors' centre and the maintenance and heritage workshop feature individual design resulting from the logical and consistent translation of the functions they convey. The paradigm of the reception building does not try to conceal its transitory function and thus the subordinated position it is in: its modern fitted structure is made from solid timber panels of glued layers and is topped with a flat roof.

The visitors' centre has been built along  the route leading to the Rotunda and turns towards the heart of the park with its main facade, entering into intense communication with nature via its glazed exterior surfaces that reach down to the floor. The maintenance and heritage workshop is actually a row of rooms organised around the barnyard where it is justified to use references to vernacular architecture.

The fourth building, the chapel of the Pallavicini family in Ányás was reconstructed with the aim of authentic restoration and relocated in an open-air museum. These four works of architecture have introduced order into the operations and activities of the site and completed the complex which has so far been randomly extended so as to enrich it with high-standard contemporary buildings. 


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