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One Substance, Three Colors, Numerous Functions

REKK procured a new office, designed by Dániel Eke, Zoltán Kalászi és Márton Pintér: an open, accessible space with multifunctional furniture and clean contrasts. All in the name of conservatism.


First, we had to investigate the historical aspects of the office space installed in the precious building by Ybl. As a conclusion of the preliminary research process, we decided to look at it as a neutral host of constantly changing needs both in function and aesthetic-wise.

New REKK Office - architects: Dániel Eke, Zoltán Kalászi, Márton Pintér - photo: Balázs Danyi



We brought back the original charm of the homogeneous space by removing all the (post) socialist interventions such as the division walls, the obsolete built-in furniture and all the low-key structural solutions. Therefore we got a generous open space, a new parquette, refurbished super characteristic 0-parapet windows, top-notch dim lighting and pure walls as a starting point to implement our vision as a temporary solution for the actual office workflow. We organized the space distribution to provide both formal and informal working situations but in a non-trendy, conservative way. There are convenient window-front coffee tables for brainstorming and revisions, and then there are the “X”-type desks whose seat layouts are variable.

New REKK Office - architects: Dániel Eke, Zoltán Kalászi, Márton Pintér - photo: Balázs Danyi



We operated with three colours including the pure white surfaces hosting the custom-designed furniture, fixations and equipment. Besides the white context as an easy tool for further developments, we used the crimson red to emphasize the anchor of the office space as one multifunctional object providing space for wardrobes, shelves, phone-boxes and a common space with a panorama of River Danube. The basic (mostly unifunctional) objects that occupy most of the office were painted in anthracite colours as a neutral counterpart to the host space.

Márton Pintér



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