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One ring above all - International School Debrecen

A community, a unit, a gesture ... A cell that puts all the factors that shape and implement the goals that are needed for life, into one movement; it can solve itself as a closed system. The project of Ferenc Kállay, Béla Bíró, Dániel Fodor and Béla Nagy accentuates central spaces for an integrating community.


The message of our applicaiton was unambiguous, to create an integrative, multifuncitonal building where teachers and students create an open, helpful and expolratory community, the members of which are motivated to succeed in thier private life and well as in their milieu. At the same time different age groups have to able to work individually and as a community. Simultaneously together and separately ...

Our goal was to create a bivalve, central space, where each function in the outer layer, evolved from one another. Connecting these areas with a flowing, self-reversing community space, while integrating and intertwining the community spaces.

The inner core is the open agora, where each age group has its own private space, however there are no sharp boundaries. The ring marks the physical margin of the building, along with the functional boundaries, everything happens within the building. The forming of the building and the inner structure generates a spontaneous process of discovery and cognition, which in return, due to the flux of the spaces, and because of their continuity, produce a unified use.

Ferenc Kállay



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