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On track of three wine press houses – plan of Linbrunn Winery, Villány-Virágos

On the spot in a heritage listed village of wine cellars, the plans of the Linbrunn Winery has made in Villány-Virágos, next to a church and a cemetery. Made by László (f) Rádóczy and his associates, the concept is a first step of a greater development. The small wine press houses are arranged in winding lanes, impregnated in this special area covered with an ancient lawn. One of the most important goal was to preserve, renovate and complete the original scenery of the settlement. Hidden under the ground and covered with thick green roof, appears just three reduced archetypical volumes on the brae, above the technological spaces. Acting on, but standind apart the environment, too, these buildings refers to the original state of the plot. An office and social rooms in the first, reception area and vertical circulation core in the second, together with the machines and facilities are placed in the third building. The pavement on the spot is made from clinker, whose appearance is equal to the elevations’ material. On the side of the cemetery, an arbour was planted to preserve the discretion, but not to disturb the panorama towards the village and the hills.

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