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Nursery in Nagykovácsi

Földes Architects (László Földes, Péter Sónicz) designed such nursery in Nagykovácsi that can create or behave like a community center. These new buildings combine the rustic archetype and the Scandinavian elements.

Nagykovácsi is a bourgeoning suburb of the capital Budapest. A previously tiny village now has to host a large institutional network and present congestion resulted in an environment that now lacks public meeting points.

Földes Architects had to design a building for a nursery and a kitchen with the possibility of extension. The disperse layout of the complex preserves each – built and yet unbuilt – function in a smaller scale appropriate for a small village. Each volume is direct transcription of the archetypical longhouse.

Design departures from the basic geometrical form with playfulness: diverse inclination of roofs and scattered windows relate to the imaginative forms of drawings by children. Disposition of the nursery opens up a small scale piazzetta offers children and parents a place for casual encounter thus introducing and redefining a rural idyll of public space in Nagykovácsi.


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