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„Nordic (polar) light” on the Váci Road – plans of the Nordic Light Offices building

Known about its cleared-out approach, the Swedish firm Skanska will begin a great real estate development on the Váci Road in the 13th district of Budapest. Construction will began in autuwn 2012, the new office building will aim at the qualification of LEED „Gold”. Gergely Paulinyi dr. DLA and András Reith PhD leading architects aspired to the exploitation of the cababilities of the spot associated with technologies of high standard. The main aim of the project to achieve a maximized internal comfort and a minimal energy consumption beside findig the rational rate of a mechanized systems. Deep search was made to create the proper formula of the building’s layout. The designers’ goal was to establish a „living” pattern with pedestrian axles seen across the plot and the lower floors filled with public functions organized around an inner courtyard. Divided up to four parts, the 120 metres long elevation of Süllő Street could be aligned to the surrounding volumes. The retracted upper floors with terraces, the green roof and the inner courtyard, moreover, the various services and common spaces in the building have designed to create a livable environment for workplaces. The strongest feature of the architectural concept is the structure of the elevation of Váci Road which was made by utnsils of the parametric design. Inspired by the dynamism of the site, a vertical glass shield system was worked out as an overlay ont he curtain wall. The „waves” of this elevation refer to - for example - the molding of the adjacent building or emphasize the site of the main entrance. Appreciated time of construction is 18 months, so the Nordic Light Offices will be finished in the first half of 2012.

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