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New, Trendy District in the 11th

The BudaPart development area has quite exceptional conditions. The city center is just 3.5 kilometers away, so we can practically speak of a downtown location. Placed directly near the River Danube, the 12-hectare public park and recreation environment developed around the Lágymányosi Bay and the Kopaszi Dam provides an unrepeatable fauna and flora.

The framework for the design programs was primarily provided by the building concept that covers the area as a whole which, while carrying specific limits, offers great freedom to design certain buildings. The developer dreamed of a dense urban structure, together with the Danish ADEPT agency, which, based on the preliminary studies, resulted in a development concept of varying height, airiness and reflecting the streets and squares of the city of Budapest with the best airspace proportions.

It was the developer’s declared objective to create a varied architectural design, so each of the buildings will be designed by a different architect, while the landscape around the buildings and the architecture of the open spaces will be uniform and designed by a landscape architect agency.

BudaPart Gate Office - architect: Studio'100 - development: Property Market


The BudaPart project will serve multiple purposes hallmarked by human-centered living spaces and workstations, dominated by environmentally friendly cutting-edge technology and carefully engineered design. This will be further emphasized by the construction of the 120-meter-tall MOL Campus, which will be built on the central square of BudaPart. It was designed by Foster + Partners who have built a number of iconic buildings, such as the visitor center at Apple Park.

At the end of the planned 6-7 phases, there will be altogether 30 buildings, including 15 residential and 14 office buildings, as well as a hotel, restaurants and shops. These buildings will be surrounded by public parks planted with trees, playgrounds for different age groups, dog tracks, bike paths, running tracks and sports fields – on an approximately 20-hectares area.

BudaPart residential building interior - lead architects: András Vikár, István Lukács - development: Property Market


Office buildings will encircle the new residential buildings, while a shopping street with restricted traffic, offering numerous restaurants, will be developed between these two functional areas. The plans call for several sports grounds, hotel, kindergarten, and fitness/spa facilities to contribute to the relaxation of the new residents and employees in this comfortable, balanced, yet energetic environment.


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