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New Market hall in Pécs - István Bede, Ákos Hutter and Gábor Veres's plan

The task was not only to create a new market hall but to organize the whole block around the building plot. According to the competition brief it should function as an inviting public area and a “gate” to the city in a long term vision of urban development. István Bede, Ákos Hutter and Gábor Veres's plan.

Short description

The goal of the competition was to organize the run down area of the existing market hall and its surroundings in Pécs. The present state of the area shows that a huge diversity of public functions is not enough by itself to create a vibrant and attractive place for the citizens and even less for the tourists. However adding high quality architectural elements marks the area on the visitors' mental maps. That is the basis of creating a popular public area that exceeds its pure functions where people spend more time than they have to. The other important thing that makes a public area functional is its connection to the city, its reachability.

The city gate

In this particular case the newly reformed public area has two important connections. It is joint to the city's recreated northern-southern axis. In the long term urban development of the area the intermodal node is built near the site. This finishes the organizing of the zone and gives the other important connection to the intervention area. With that the new southern city gate is created.

It is hoped that this new city gate can help improving the city's image, maybe rising its reputation to a wider international level.

The market hall's effects

An impressive and also highly usable market hall can make the usage of the building and the neighbouring public spaces more inviting for a wider range of people. This new market hall mainly serves the local denizens but it can be an attractive target for the visiting tourists. This carries within an economical effect, the possibility of an increase of the located spending power. This by itself can positively affect the region's agriculture but maybe the most important economical effect of the building comes from the implemented short food supply chain. Buying up products of the local growers and manufacturers - and solving this logistically - can be a base for the living of the region's inhabitants. A model that is based on local force instead of global can result in a more sustainable increase of local economy.

An early step in overcoming the economic problems of Pécs can be the increase of the touristic attractiveness of the city and the support of regional agriculture. The project tries to transform and enhance an important location in the city that is in tight connection with both subjects. The success of the project could be the starting point of a long term change in the city's life.



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