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New kindergarten in Pomáz

Earlier this year, a public procurement tender was announced for the design of a kindergarten to Pomáz. Following a successful entry, Bálint Ásztai and his team started to set up a concept in which the appearance of the building reflects the landscape and the local built environment in an abstracted way.

Personal ties meant the greatest challenge for the architect: Pomáz is his hometown, his mother is an honorary citizen of the town, and his father is a recognized artist living there. It's a bit like when someone is planning a house for himself. In this case, it is hard to consider the plans with the “outsider’s eyes” and to make decisions coldly. 

The building site is located along a creek, but limestone and volcanic mountains in the background enhance the viewing experience further. The architects deliberately wove this mystical environment into the design. Regarding the floor plan, the most important goal was to satisfy the regulations with the smallest floor area possible, because of the tightly specified budget.

The building can be entered at its center of gravity, from here the group rooms, a gym, and the economic and administrative premises are attached to a central corridor system to the right and left. The aim was to create corridors that run outdoors. The building’s character tried to reflect the landscape and the local built environment in an abstracted way – similarly to the winding streets and alleys bounded by solid stone walls in Pomáz, Szentendre or Budakalász. These criteria are echoed also in the shaping and materiality of the building.



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