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New element of riverside's promenade - Budapest Athletic Stadium

Instead of a robust stadium BORD Architectural Studio designed a new public park, a multifunctional building fitted into a green hillside. They bold vision has been awarded with the 3rd prize at the architectural competition for the new Budapest Athletic Centre.

The program was to design a 15,000-seat capacity athletic stadium that is expandable to 55,000 seats. The designated area is a 14.7-hectare plot, to the south of Rakoczi Bridge, on the Pest side, directly on the bank of the River Danube.


'Green Waves' - New city park

Our architectural proposal continues the existing promenade on the bank of the River Danube. Our concept is a ‘green wave’ that rises up from the river bank providing a new green surface for the citizens of Budapest. From the hill splendid views open up into the direction of the axis of the Danube and the whole Buda quarter on the opposite side. However, the new park joins to the green area planned on the northern end of Csepel Island and to the ‘green ring’ of Margaret Island – the City Park – the People’s Park.


Compact building fitted into ots context

The new establishment blends well into its green environment. The building is sunk into the ground; the hill is treated as part of the building, providing a unique appearance for the stadium. The graceful form created by the joining delicate arches of the hill and the western stand with the steel structure of the tensioned membrane roof emerges as a sculptural creature on the bank of the river. The stands enclose the athletic field to ensure the arena atmosphere in the stadium. The building can be extended to host 55,000 spectators by the erection of mobile stands and a roof on the existing platforms of the tribune. The mobile elements fit into the existing casing like puzzle pieces turning the view to an amazing and powerful athletic stadium.


Feasibility, multifunctional use

The stadium functions and services are set on the four levels below the western stand. The certain stories are related to the hill; the facilities are positioned along the walking path and cycling tracks of the park. Players' and operational areas are located on the level of the field. A wide entrance zone, restaurants and kiosks open up directly from the park on the main traffic level of spectators. VIP areas are situated on the upper levels and they are linked to the hillside as well. Due to the functional structure the services of the stadium can operate in two directions. They can serve the needs of spectators in the stadium during athletic games or other events, or they can be open in the whole year serving the guests of the park on their terraces that face the direction of the River Danube, thus providing a picturesque view and a unique atmosphere.


Péter Bordás

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