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New club for the elderly in Békásmegyer

World is not only for the twenty-year-olds – says the old hit, yet it is important to draw attention to the importance of this from time to time. In Békásmegyer, a multi-functional community place was completed by the design of Péter Bander and Ferenc Törőcsik, which functions as a club room, a recreation room, and serves all kinds of activities in the Heltai Jenő Club for Elderlies. 

District III, Budapest Municipality of Óbuda-Békásmegyer won financial support within the Budapest Capital City Rehabilitation Framework for the construction of a Club for Elderlies in the project named the “Development of a Multi-functional Community Place in Békásmegyer – Rehabilitation of the Residential Area next to Heltai Jenő tér”. The design affected two rental properties of the existing one-storey service building, implementing a complete interior conversion and the transformation of two adjoining mounted elevations.

During the implementation, a building part was developed for the day activities of elderlies, including a 63-seat event hall separable with mobile walls, a dining room with kitchenette, office rooms, reception, social and service areas (architecture, interior design, electrical, mechanical and kitchen technological installations, and additional activities). As further interventions, a subsequent thermal insulation of the existing building, the replacement of doors and windows, changing the façade surface finishes, and the demolition and conversion of partition walls and level-high mounted walls were also carried out.



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