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New Center of the background art institutions

Narmer Architect Studio, led by Zsolt Vasáros DLA, was invited to design the National Museum Restoration and Storage Center / Central European Research Institute for Art History. The almost unique center is presently under construction on basis of the plans presented herein, and it is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018. 

In the framework of Liget Budapest Project, which aims the complex development and reconstruction of the Városiget (=City Park), an old demand will be satisfied on the site of the former Szabolcs Street Hospital. On this plot the National Museum Restoration and Storage Center (OMRRK) will be established in the framework of a brownfield investment. In the artifact storage and restoration center, designed for the major Hungarian public collections, the previously fragmented, often randomly positioned institutional units can merge in a modern world-class ensemble, completed with the Central European Research Institute for Art History. 

The architects tried to formulate both the layout character and also the architectural image of the old-renovated and new buildings in a traditionalist and contemporary way, in relation with the specific features of the institutions. In the revitalization of the old buildings the essential goal was to restore the former architectural masses, however, the necessary and designed additions appear with today’s set of architectural tools. The newly designed Central Building „A” and also the Underground Garage „B” are contemporary buildings both in their functional design and in their formation. In harmony with the development of the entire site, the new and old retained buildings are integrated to one architectural ensemble by means of façade materials, textures, building proportions and spatial relationships.


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