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Music in Architecture - Béla Bartók Music School Centre

The objective of Fanni Hegedűs's dissertation was the creation of a prominent music school. Her goal was to approach it in a contemporary style that, besides modernity, functions at a professional level and therefore it serves the citizens of the city. 

The Project


I’ve been playing the piano for 14 years. My experiences in different musical institutions helped me to learn to assess the interior needs of a music school. When I started the project firstly, the greatest challenge of my work was how to choose the right area. Secondly, I took the acoustics of the building into account, which plays a crucial role in the planning process of a musical education centre.

The planning location is an expansive, green area, surrounded by a Medical University Campus, schools, and main roads. After the examination of the site, I made the decision to put the main axis of the building to the escarpment by the East side of the area. This positioning combined with the Northern area covered with trees creates a protected area. The building can be split up into two parts. At the main block, direct accession and primary servicing functions are available, whereas it encompasses another block that accounts for educational purposes. The education-block is extending to expand with a new wing section to unite the essence of the building and surround the environment. In the main block, I planned an auditorium with which I wanted to create the possibility for the students to choose not only single studying, also chamber orchestras and play, perform together. Also the auditorium can be a place for concerts, lectures, performances. In summary, the building consists of two wings which are labelled with A and B. The structure is covered with a flat roof and its roof plane is jumping. As regards the functions, I have designed the building that the premises with the similar function are in each tract can be accessible. Hereby it can be more interpretable for the users, and for the structure.

Wing A
West façade:
• main entrance
• auditorium with audio and recording studio, coulisse
• coffee bar
• education: chamber orchestra room, practice rooms, recording studio
East façade:
• elevator, and stairways
• placement of lavatories
• ground floor: offices for teachers, meeting room, directory office
• upper floor: music library with music sheet and audio storage
• storages for the music instruments

Wing B
• single practice rooms
• group room
• music literature room

Building engineering

The music school centre is working with a heat recovery ventilation system. Because of the size of the building and special needs it was subservient to use 3 air handling machine. The building has the ventilation units separate, located on the upper floor of the building, from which the used air leaves the roof.


On the façade walling of the building I used fibre cement façade cladding and inside I planned acoustic walls with plasterboard and other acoustic surfaces.


For the shading system I designed a fibre cement shader that can be fixed and moveable too. For the shaders I designed unique perforation plan. The inspiration for the perforation was Béla Bartók’s creation, „Le Poc (1915)” that is a folk-dance. The dance has a special rythm and playing, that can be a beautiful theme, so I used the music sheet to sliding the notes and alternating it.

Building structure

The building is basically a single block, that breaks in an obtuse angle. The vertical support structure is monolithic reinforced concrete, partially supplemented by columns. The horizontal locking of the building is provided with flat roof covering on two planes. The flat roof load-bearing structure is a monolithic reinforced concrete slab with different thicknesses. Partitions between classrooms are typically fitted with acoustical wall frames.
The thermal insulation is designed in general by incorporating the AUSTROTHERM product range. The exterior openings of the building, the two curtain walls and the glazed windows are designed with the SCHÜCO product range.


Fanni Hegedűs

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