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Music box – modernization of the Music Academy, planned by Mányi Stúdió

On the course of modernization of the central building of The Liszt Academy of Music, it was appeared as a logical demand to move the educational and administrative functions into a new building. The chosen spot is in the Wesselényi street in the 7th district of Budapest; the building was erected some years after the union of the capital city (1873), according to plans of Frigyes Feszl. Beside classrooms, rehearsal and practising rooms, a small auditorium with international standards and the necessary service areas was placed here, by the plans of István Mányi, Dániel Mányi, Attila László Gáti, Judit Molnár and Gábor Kardos. Along a very clear concept, the architects redefined the old building which had a basement, three story and an attic. By demolishing the additional wings, the inner courtyard was purged. Contemporary complements were joined the preserved building: the basement level was extended, the courtyard was partly covered and int he attic, two new floors were placed. The new vertical circulatio core was fitted into the courtyard. So, towards the street, the building - turning inside out and outside in – shows its reconstructed facade dating back to the 19th century, while in the courtyard, contemporary architectural surfaces and solutions are appeared.

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