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MTK Stadium - plan by the Medmic Center

The competition oriented a proposal for a new stadium design according to customers' needs. At the same time the MTK Club waiting for proposals to clarify and improve the direct surroundings. On these premises had to be created buildings, wich assist the sports and cultural goals, facilities of accommodations, as well as can serve educational spaces of the rising generation.

Building up

We tried to maintain the possibility of cooperation of the whole areas. We reconseived the roads and the transport systems, and we separeted the motor vehicle - and pedestrian routes. We take care of attendance of the public, of the players, and of the VIP’ s serving in the building, as well on the sport field. They are dimensioned maximum loads, but economical, flexible operation is possible. The entry to the stadium is separetely and safely during the three stations filter. The positioning of the sport field and buildings are optimized, the three territoriums can be linked and developed in the future.


Architectural desing, function

The building, thanks to unique architectural form, appears as a symbol into the cityscape. The architectural elements , neutral colors, surfaces give room to the strong tones, and do not compete with a system of intense green space area. The heavily amortized sports ground and buildings was dishoused, but we suggested the renovation of the historical significance BKV Előre Stadium. During the revitalization we take care of the development of the environment and we created more sportsfield. In addition appropriated we construction of a new stadium and a new football academy. The design of the new stadium is covered with teflon shells, thanks to the concrete-steel structure is durable, economical and aesthetically pleasing. The nighttime illumination of the area is safe and easy controllable. The standard lighting of the playing area is solved with in four pylons placed headlights.


Traffic, fans, and server traffic of the visitor fans

The auditorium entry is separeted to both groups of fans (domestic and visitors), the supporter groups do not cross each other's path. The VIP and press section have also independent approachment.

Material use

The outer boundary walls are reinforced concrete walls with design concrete surface. The truss handled with fire-resistant primer and painted white. The mesh-reinforced teflon cover is blue. The path to the auditorium separete 2-layer tempered, laminated safety glasses. The outer tempered glass portals have steel structure and they are fitted also with safety glass.

The Medmix 



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