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conserving and renewing of monuments

The tomb of Gül Baba and its environment

The tomb with it’s inner garden and the wider environment - the rose garden and Gül baba Street - is a well-graced place of Budapest. However, during the decades, dilapidation became a more and more determining feature in this area. The staying away of visitors and the deterioration of...

Revival, full of tension

A striking duality has been created in the ensemble of the new MMA headquarters, when architect György Fazakas sought to connect the two turn-of-the-century villa buildings with contemporary elements. The result is a unique building full of tension. Written by Éva Lovra.

Renovation and expension of the Hild mansion

László Kokas and his team decided to look at the features of the classicistic architecture, figure out the rules of its game and after that, design a clean classical building. During the construction they used a low-key contemporary aspect: symmetry, perspicuity, calmness.