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MOME Építészeti Intézet [9]

Tiny fairyland among the trees

Tree houses to the stream coast. Imola Zsóka Fazakas designed 5 different wooden houses with slightly different proportions, which are placed on trees alongside the stream. She aimed to keep in the traditional sense and nature of a wooden tree house phenomenon. 

Thermal Point at Lukács Spa

The team of Fanni Hegyi, Anna Dresch and Balázs Suriny responded for the Indonesian call ’Contextual Micro Space’ with a concept that uses a spill of the Lukács Spa. The students aimed to reuse the local natural resources and created a building, which is inclusive, easy to reach, fits to...

Building Camp by MOME

For the past decade, the summer building camp has been a defining event of architecture training at MOME Institute of Architecture. Launched by Tamás Nagy, the program has since become a tradition under the guidance of Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen as an initiation ceremony for first year...

Lovely yard for the school!

The project has been started in 2016, when the Berze-Nagy János Highschool invited a group of architecture students from the MOME Institute of Architecture to design and create some objects to the schoolyard. As a result of the cooperation in the previous summer a structure for contemplation...

Children's home on an extreme terrain

What type of architectural functions and values should be present in a children's home? How could the built environment help to create a feeling of belonging and safeness? Fanni Gárdos, architecture student is looking for the answers to these questions.  

To infinity and beyond

The diploma work of Paula Németh is about thinking out of the box: what is architecture going to be like in future? How can we apply the existing theories of design to outer-space machinery?