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Mizsei Anett [22]

Clear concept - family house by Péter Vékony

The location of the building is one of the most popular residential areas. The building site is a corner building plot, the last plot of a dead end street. Its conditions were exceptional: the steep mountainside, the strict regulations and the architectural quality of the surrounding buildings...

An Optimized Shape -Transformer

"István Kistelegdi has created yet another complex prototype with Spring Point Energy House, which is a model for sustainability and energy-efficiency in every single component, even though it appears to have a light and airy structure." - states Dávid Bán. 

The Architect’s flat - a spatial canvas

One of the members of Minusplus group, Ákos Schreck, who redesigned this historically and architecturally valued building, writes that "the spatial concept was to create a flow of rooms that interweaves the whole apartment." As a flat for an architect, it has to be a spatial canvas - a wide,...

Digital power plant: the Ózd project

The project of Ózd is a renewal of a devastated factory in what the Digital power plant and a National Film History Theme Park takes place. Architect Györgyi Csontos and her young team designed the whole project. Their concept was to preserve the original Art Nouveau structure while using...

V-house, the duplex apartment

V-House was built on one of the highest-lying parcel of Üröm at the end of 2015. The young architect group, Reload [Péter Csizmadi, Anikó Petőcz-Tóth] was assigned to design a two-generation family house while keeping eye on the best possible utilization of land installation indicators,...

Kubenhaus - handcrafted

The latest project of architect studio Rintala&Eggertsson was built at the end of February, 2016, in just a bit more than a week. Responding on the refugee crisis the housing unit of 28 square meters was realized for the 68th Internationale Handwerksmesse.