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Mizsei Anett [23]

Renovation and expension of the Hild mansion

László Kokas and his team decided to look at the features of the classicistic architecture, figure out the rules of its game and after that, design a clean classical building. During the construction they used a low-key contemporary aspect: symmetry, perspicuity, calmness.

Clear concept - family house by Péter Vékony

The location of the building is one of the most popular residential areas. The building site is a corner building plot, the last plot of a dead end street. Its conditions were exceptional: the steep mountainside, the strict regulations and the architectural quality of the surrounding buildings...

An Optimized Shape -Transformer

"István Kistelegdi has created yet another complex prototype with Spring Point Energy House, which is a model for sustainability and energy-efficiency in every single component, even though it appears to have a light and airy structure." - states Dávid Bán. 

The Architect’s flat - a spatial canvas

One of the members of Minusplus group, Ákos Schreck, who redesigned this historically and architecturally valued building, writes that "the spatial concept was to create a flow of rooms that interweaves the whole apartment." As a flat for an architect, it has to be a spatial canvas - a wide,...

Digital power plant: the Ózd project

The project of Ózd is a renewal of a devastated factory in what the Digital power plant and a National Film History Theme Park takes place. Architect Györgyi Csontos and her young team designed the whole project. Their concept was to preserve the original Art Nouveau structure while using...

V-house, the duplex apartment

V-House was built on one of the highest-lying parcel of Üröm at the end of 2015. The young architect group, Reload [Péter Csizmadi, Anikó Petőcz-Tóth] was assigned to design a two-generation family house while keeping eye on the best possible utilization of land installation indicators,...