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Minimalist architecture in the green belt

Among the wooded mountainside, this minimalist house provides a view to the trees and the city lying in the valley. István Szekeres and his colleagues made a sipmle, contemporary design that emanates luxury from even the smallest details.

The real estate is located in the green belt of Buda on a loping field in a southeasterly direction from where we can see the whole city, while if we turn to north, we have a clear view of a big forest.

We have designed a two-floor, contemporary, minimalist building according to the customers’ demand. The street front of the house is visually more closed, while the southern front, which has a view to a beautiful landscape was designed with a big glass screen. The shading of the glasses is provided by the motor-driven raffstores.

Different structured white and grey plasters appear on the front, which are completed by the grey and anthracite fibre cement cover. The colours of the doors, windows and the sheet metals were adjusted to the shade of the building, namely anthracite. The front parapets are made of laminated glass.

The buttresses and the fence around the house are also exposed concrete. A double garage can be found from the direction of the street, on the ground floor. We can enter to the engine room from the corridor which separates the living space from the garage.

The guest room facing west is located near the entrance with its bathroom. The living room with double height, the kitchen and the dining room are connected with the garden on the south. Since the landscape from the parental room on the first floor is beautiful, it has large windows. This bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom. The two children’s rooms are located symmetrically on the east and west side of the house and they are almost the same size. One of them has a balcony while the other has a roof terrace.

On the first floor we can also find the laundry and a bathroom for the children. In the garden the big swimming pool is separated from the street with a storage which has a shading function as well. The cooling and heating of the living space is provided by a heat pump, moreover solar collectors produce the hot water for the swimming pool. 

István Szekeres



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