architecture : urban : visual culture

MÉSZ - MÉK Diploma Prize [17]


Daniel Ungerhofer wanted to remodel the casemates in Győr as his diploma-work while keeping the city's interesting cultural background alive and install an art school underground.

Traditional Archery Center – Pécs

Traditional archery is gaining more and more popularity in our country and in Europe as well. The Archery Center designed by Zoltán Zrena is an enclosed, statuesque mass with its fine surface plasticity, which almost levitates over the urban squares and gardens. Like a fully drawn bow ready to...

Children's home on an extreme terrain

What type of architectural functions and values should be present in a children's home? How could the built environment help to create a feeling of belonging and safeness? Fanni Gárdos, architecture student is looking for the answers to these questions.  

Perforated spaces – activity house in Győr

Imola Kristóf designed an activity, education and leisure center for people with disabilities. The volumes and spaces of the building are both separated and connected by large perforations and breakthroughs – creating clearings and passages between closed and open spaces, inner courtyards...