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MÉSZ - MÉK Diploma Prize [13]

Children's home on an extreme terrain

What type of architectural functions and values should be present in a children's home? How could the built environment help to create a feeling of belonging and safeness? Fanni Gárdos, architecture student is looking for the answers to these questions.  

Perforated spaces – activity house in Győr

Imola Kristóf designed an activity, education and leisure center for people with disabilities. The volumes and spaces of the building are both separated and connected by large perforations and breakthroughs – creating clearings and passages between closed and open spaces, inner courtyards...

Bath for the soul

Comprehensive research and heightened sensitivity are the main characteristics of Áron Lality's diploma work that won the award for a degree plan by MÉK-MÉSZ. The project offers a solution for renovating a historically loaded building. 

New visitor centre for the Visegrád Castle

Visegrád Castle is one of the most visited castles of Hungary with its spectacular scenery and rich history. The current state and condition of the visitor area isn't worthy of its past thus Péter Márkus designed a new visitor center that can start an open dialogue over the castle's future....

Wood pellet plant - Felsőtárkány, Hungary

In the work of Bálint Laczkó-Pető the question was, how possibly can an industrial building be identical to the technology hosted in it, and at the same time to supremely respect the unique natural environment of a neighbouring National Park and with its function to provide  work for living...