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„Meeting Buddha” – Buddha-Bar Hotel in the Klotild Palace

Since 2000, many hotels were built in the premium category in Budapest, most of them in reconstructed old buildings. The newest element is the Buddha-Bar Hotel in the northern Klotild Palace on the Váci Street which was realized by the plans of Attila Komjáthy Dr., Eszter Márton and Erzsébet Terbe B. It was opened in June 2012, as the second Central European hotel of the Buddha-Bar restaurants. Belonging to the most valuable heritage listed buildings of the capital, the two Klotild Palaces were built around 1900, according to the plans of Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl, as a monumental „gate” for the Elisabeth Bridge. After long decades of disrepair, the northern building was converted into a luxury five-star-hotel with 102 rooms. On the course of the reconstruction, exclusive shops with mezzanine were placed on the ground floor facing to the Kígyó and Váci Streets. On the basement level, conference rooms, a fitness block, the kitchen of the restaurant and mechanical areas were developed. On four floors, the apartments of the hotel were placed, arranged around a narrow atrium covered with glass roof. O the sixth floor, a Sky Bar was designed, from where the guests can enjoy an unique panorama of Gellért Hill and the special view of the rooftops in Pest amid the exciting roof-architecture of the Palace, too. The architectural solutions of the interior are based on using various elements of the eastern culture. The character of the rooms are defined by the red and black colours, completed with the historical athmosphere of the circulation and community spaces.

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