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Marketplace at Fonyód

The aim of the building transformation is to create a new sales area serving the needs today keeping the original hall and breaking down the old malfunctioning pavilions below. The new marketplace was designed by Gergely Sztranyák.

In order to separate the pedestrians from the vehicles I suggested a new long line of pavilions in my design parallel to the longer side of the hall. This way the replenishment is solved smoothly. These pavilions also border the new longitudinal square which became accessible by the opening of the two ends of the hall.

Marketplace of Fonyód, Sztranyák Gergely, 2018.

The openings free the flow of pedestrians prevented before from the entrance of the market. The group of long buildings is divided according to the functions inside and the facilities of the site. Parallel to the public square we can find the openings of the sales area, in between the buildings bicycle parking and the entrances of the toilets are placed.

Marketplace of Fonyód, Sztranyák Gergely, 2018.

The cantilevered roofs provide protection against the rain, the sunshine and articulate the long building. The terracotta wall surface has a texture of symbols specific for the market designed and made by Balázs Bubreg, a graphic designer from Pécs. His concept comes from the patterned tablecloth often used on the fairs. He extended this topic vertically, to the wall.

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