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Halasi celler in Villány

Halasi cellar is a brand new building which meets the client’s wish to look like the reconstruction of a listed building; to have an antique look in every detail. Modernity can be detected only in small details and is not overwhelming at all. The detailed facades and enchanting interiors...

Eiffel Palace

Eiffel Palace is the largest and one of the most important office building project now in Budapest. It is a reconstruction of an existing historical building located in the heart of the business district. It’s bordered by three streets, occupying half of a block.

FTC stadium

FTC is one of the most successful football clubs in Hungary. Since the club's foundation 110 years ago, the team has won 28 Hungarian Championships, and in 1965 the UEFA Cup. The existing stadium was built in 1974. Due to the stadium's condition and the inability to increase its capacity, the...